This is my brag page!  


...and where I get to share with you the people I've worked with and the amazing products they've created.

Doreen Tuman, called New York's Closet Lady, wrote My Closet, Myself.

She has revamped the closets of many of New York's movers and shakers, but what happens in those closets, stays in those closets!

Doreen and I worked on editing her book for many evenings where we met "in the closet" (i.e. on the phone) as we dotted every "i" and crossed every "t" so that her book gives you the information you need to put your closet into the kind of shape it  should be in!

Sometimes, working on a book for your biz is much more fun than it really ought to be!

Did I say that?

No...having fun while getting a book put together for your biz is the best way to do it.  You can have plenty of fun along the way!

Tanya Marchiol wrote The Prosperity Principles: Secrets to Developing and Maintaining Generational Wealth. 

After a terrible accident nearly destroyed Tanya's ability to walk, much less return to her former life as a professional athlete, Tanya turned to real estate.  A true real estate guru and investment genius, Tanya has appeared on national television on FOX Business, CNN, CNBC, CBS, and HGTV. Where many people have lost a great deal of money in the real estate market, Tanya has learned the secrets to success in even a troubled economy...secrets she shares with you here in this book. 

 Tanya shares her struggles and journey to overcome obstacles and shows how to create a path of continual prosperity.

Alison M. Torres is a dynamo by anyone's standards.

She wrote and published her first book, Teradata Indexes in just a couple of months. She read my book, Why Should You Write a Book? and within three months she had her book ready for editing and publishing.

I don't claim any credit for the speed with which she wrote her book, that was all Alison!  She did say that my method for putting a book together helped her to do it more quickly, but Alison is the one who did all the hard work writing this amazing book.

Her next book, Teradata Explain is now available.

Greg Colosi is the author of two books to date.  

His first book, Quote Lessons, is based on the quotes he came up with and shared with his daughter during college. He didn't know, for quite a long time, how much his weekly "quotation lessons" meant to his daughter and the girls on her floor.

I had absolutely NOTHING to do with this book, but I have a copy and find it to be a great book to refer to from time to time.



Greg's next book was written for his dry cleaning route customers:

How to Get Route Customers WITHOUT Knocking On Doors

I had the pleasure of both editing this book and interviewing Greg about the process of writing this book.

Click here for a link to the Interview on Writing a Book for your business.

During the interview you will hear how Greg finished this book just so he wouldn't have to pay a thousand dollar bet to one of the guys in his Mastermind group!

Now, that's one way to get motivated!

Saving Middle AmericaWith every journey, you have to plan the course and find the best way to overcome obstacles that are sure to be in your path. You also have to recognize your strengths and weaknesses and know that there is no better way to proceed, than with the guidance of a highly seasoned and experienced professional.

That is how I felt in preparing to write my first book; along with two coauthors.  With just an idea of presenting important financial information to Middle America, we set out to find a way to put our 20 plus years of experience into a book that others would want to read and benefit from what we wrote.

The major decision to work with a talented editor was the most important aspect of the process. I feel most fortunate to have been introduced to Kathleen Birmingham who helped us through the editing process and redrafting so it became an easy read.

Kathleen had the challenge of all challenges. Not only was she working with one inexperience author, there were three.  The important thing was she did not hesitate to make her views known and propose ways that would improve our draft copy.  I believe she made our collective experiences and knowledge flow into an exciting and excellent final copy.

I would recommend her to any other inexperienced and experienced author who wants a true professional and ideal coach to help them write the best book, they may not even know they are capable of writing. From personal experience, that is what she did for me and I am truly grateful.

Someone asked me recently is this your first book? I replied, “Yes.”  And added jokingly, “It is also my last book.”  It was very hard to dedicate the time to the research and copy writing required, plus continue my work.

But, if I ever reconsider writing another book or perhaps a second edition, I would not hesitate knowing Kathleen would be there to help.

~Rich Rossi


In Russ Stevenson's The Dating Jungle: Which Animal Are You? the secrets to Animal Magnetism are revealed.


Can you make better decisions if these qualities are realized before and during a relationship? This book will help you to see how our personal lives can benefit from the untold secrets of our animal friends and how your personal relationship could be saved or destroyed by this knowledge. Knowing the insider secrets will help you gather information about yourself and your partner. Join Russ on a journey to understand "How We Tick".  Discover your ability to draw closer to the ones that you really love.


 And...just a few more things that I've worked on in the last couple years...