Writing Services – How I Can Help


As a small biz owner or entrepreneur, you’re looking to be viewed as an expert in your field. the only way this is going to happen is if you create fresh content (newsletters, brochures, blogs) and you need to do it on an ongoing basis!

You probably have really great ideas to put into your newsletters and blog posting, but when the time comes to put them down on paper…that’s when the real work begins. And that is also why most small biz owners don’t write.

It’s hard work!

Not only is it hard to get that writing down on paper, whether it is your newsletter, blog, case studies to highlight your newest product, thought piece, customer letter, staff bios, you’re not happy with how it sounds. That happens to everyone who writes.

It is probably accurate. It sounds professional. It even sounds important. But most of the time it’s boring or it’s too hard to understand. When people don’t understand something, when they’re confused, they don’t buy.

There are two ways I can help you with this:

  1. I write it for you. We get together in person or on the phone and talk about your needs. No need to do any prep or research. We’ll just have a conversation about what you hope to accomplish. Then I will ghostwrite a draft for you. You review the draft and then I will make the changes that you suggest based on your feedback.
  1. I coach you to do it better. We will get together, agree on a topic, discuss the direction you want to take, the structure, and the flow. Your job is to write the initial draft.  I’ll review your draft, tweak it if necessary. You look it over and adjust based on your feedback.

Contact me to get started