The Not So Great Escape

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The Not So Great Escape

I’m deep in the midst of my research of the 1944 escape attempt of 25 German POWs from Papago Park POW camp in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona.

What an ironic situation for Papago Park deep in the Sonoran Desert to be home to a multitude of German U-Boat captains and crew.

As if it weren’t enough of a joke, the map stolen by some of the German prisoners showed the Gila River as a river leading to the Colorado.

Everyone in Arizona knew that most rivers on the map were either dry river beds or nothing more than a series of puddles.

The idea of rafting or kayaking away to safety disappeared in a hoot of laughter, and then tears from the three crazy boatmen who believed that all rivers were filled with water.

There is so much to learn from the mentality of people who have had their freedom taken from them. For the most part, POWs in America were treated fairly well. Some were turned into conscripted labor because so many men were overseas fighting the war.

But, once your freedom has been taken from you, all thoughts logically turn to that of escape.

Think about it, any time you are prevented from doing anything you wish, you want to do it more. If you can’t eat dessert, you want more dessert. If you aren’t allowed to read or learn, you yearn for instruction materials.

Have your freedom yanked, all you want is the ability to move about freely. It doesn’t much matter how “nice” it is at your POW camp.

You’re a prisoner.

‘Nuff said.

Barbed wire against moody sky. Toned shot, closeup.

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