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What is a Ghostwriter?  

A ghostwriter is a professional writer who prepares material that you put your name to.  As a ghostwriter, I've written books, booklets, complete lesson plans, book summaries/study guides and much more. Everything on the internet must be written, and it has been estimated that up to 90% of all internet material has been ghostwritten.  

Does a Ghostwriter ever get credit for a book they've written?  

When I write a book for you, all the credit for that book goes to you.  If you choose to acknowledge me as your ghostwriter, it can be done in the acknowledgement section of the book, but aside from that, the ghostwriter gets no credit.

How much does it cost to hire a Ghostwriter? 

Ghostwriting projects vary to some degree, but because I usually work on book-length projects, my fees are relatively high.  A small book for a business owner generally runs between 125 and 150 pages and take six months to write.  A longer project, memoir/personal story in particular takes quite a bit more time.  We will often work for over eight months on your project.

Ghostwriting book contract fees start at $12,500 for a basic book.

(125 - 150 pages; 250 words/page)

Recently written and published memoirs:

Thomas Williams, former NFL player who grew up the child of a biracial marriage, never knew quite where he belonged. He spent much of his life fighting for his place in life until he realized that he was only fighting the demons within himself. With the help of a couple special mentors, a mom who believed in him no matter what and a determination to not only survive but WIN, Thomas made a place for himself.  Currently, Thomas travels around the country speaking to college students about their transition from school to the real world, utilizing his self-published book, Permission to Dream.

Kevin Kearns...MMA trainer responsible for bringing a champion to the top was once a sad, adopted kid from a neighborhood of similar kids who learned that bullies come in all shapes and sizes...including that of his best friend. In Always Picked Last, Kevin describes his journey from a lost and lonely little boy who deals with the death of his father, his primary support, and the betrayal of his best friend as he navigates the world of being the target of bullies to recognizing his own self-worth through martial arts training. Today, Kevin is a world renowned martial arts trainer, writer, and anti-bully proponent.  Always Picked Last

Why does Ghostwriting cost so much? 

The fees I charge cover more than just the creation of a manuscript.  The fees include the time it takes to interview, usually many hours worth, the transcription of all the interviews, the creation of your narrative from those transcripts, all before we enter the editing and revision stage.  All this takes a lot of time. Sure, there are programs out there that promise that you can write a book in a weekend, but not very many of those have made it to the best seller list.  A well-written book needs to be planned/plotted, written, revised, edited, proofread, etc. before it is ready for the final review.  A ghostwriter will work full-time for three to eight months on a manuscript, or must pay to outsource some of the tasks.

How do I know a Ghostwriter won't steal my story idea? 

At your request, I will sign a non-disclosure agreement guaranteeing that I will never divulge the details of your project.  I work in the strictest confidence.

Ready to start? 

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