Getting Into the Subconscious Mind

Sep 26, 2014 by

Getting Into the Subconscious Mind

We aren’t supposed to know this, but our subconscious/unconscious mind plays a huge role in our ability to be creative. Do you recall the last time you were involved in a creative project and when you “came to” you realized that the entire day had slipped away? That’s when our subconscious mind has hijacked our brain in a very good way. It can do so in negative ways too.

So, how does one go about taking care of that subconscious “juvenile delinquent”?

You start by being aware that it is there, and understanding what it is capable of doing. We daydream, at least most of us do. Where do you go when you daydream? Do you go to a past event where you failed? Do you relive that failure over and over?  Or, do you imagine all the wonderful things that will happen to you in the future?

Did you know that whatever you daydream about often happen?

So if you like reliving those moments of failure in your life, go for it. But if you’re more interested in looking to future success, you’re on the right track.

Here’s to that subconscious brain of ours. When you learn the proper feeding and caring of it, your life can change magnificently!

Use music, movement, self-talk…whatever it takes.

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