Editing Services

What’s the Difference between

Proofreading, Copyediting, and Substantive Line Editing?


Proofreading: Includes a final check of your electronic file looking for minor errors in spelling, punctuation, spacing, etc.

Simple Copyediting: In a light to medium copyedit, I look for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization errors as well as syntax issues. I will also put your work in the appropriate format, standardize your notes, bibliographies, citations/reference lists, etc. As a copy-editor, I take care of all those tedious details that many writers are not aware of, but make a publisher cringe when they see them.

Substantive Line Editing and Heavy Editing: Some manuscripts require very intensive editing, substantive line editing and heavy editing. This sometimes becomes nearly a rewrite of the book. In addition to simple copy editing, I will take a more active role in initiating changes. In a heavy edit, I polish your sentences, reword sentences, and often move ideas around to create better clarity and flow in your work. This removes repetitive phrases and ideas, clumsy wording, removing passive voice, and convoluted sentence structure. Often sections will be rearranged. Titles, headings, and subheadings will be reworded to improve their “hook” for the reader.  An experienced editor will point out problems an author may have overlooked and further assist a writer in finding their voice and defining the overall shape and format of the book.


Fees for Writing and Editing:

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  • Book & Manuscript Editing
  • Basic copyediting, light to medium edit: 5-10 manuscript pages per hour, $40/hour
  • Heavy editing, substantive line editing: 1-5 manuscript pages per hour, $50/hour
  • (Note: In book publishing, a manuscript page is 250 words per page.)
  • Content editing (scholarly): $45/hour or $3-$5/page
  • Content editing (textbook): $45/hour


Dissertation Editing & Thesis Editing

  • Light to medium edit: 5-10 manuscript pages per hour, $40/hour
  • Heavy editing, substantive line editing: 2-5 manuscript pages per hour, $50/hour


Other Editorial Services

  • Technical editing: $50/hour
  • Online editing: $40-$55/hour
  • Web page editing: $65/hour
  • Medical and science editing: $55/hour
  • Copyediting for advertising: $60/hour
  • Copyediting for business: $55/hour
  • Copyediting screenplays: $40/hour
  • Editing newsletters: $50/hour
  • Copyediting for magazines & trade journals: $40/hour
  • Copyediting for newspapers: $40/hour



  • Proofreading: $40/hour
  • Proofreading for magazines & technical journals: $40/hour
  • Medical and science proofreading: $45/hour



  • Technical writing: $65/hour
  • Web page content and SEO writing: $75/hour or 69 cents/word or $150/page
  • Ghostwriting: $40/hour or contracted for an entire book