Case Studies


Does Your Client Have a Problem that You Can Solve?

And yet your client isn't calling you for help?

If so, then one of the very best ways you can persuade your existing or potential client to use your services is through the use of a Case Study.

I know, this sounds rather formal, a little like a Report or a White Paper.


The opposite is true.


Case Studies are stories!

Once upon a time...

Mr. Anderson had a problem in his business. (Here we define Mr. Anderson's problem - and highlight a few of his pain points...enough to make your reader say, "Ouch!")

Maybe we add a few other bad characters or events to up the tension, just like in real life. 

Then we introduce you and your fabulous product, gizmo, software, LED light system that is going to change the way Mr. Anderson not only does business, but the way he lives his entire life! (OK, storytelling getting the upper hand here, but you get the idea.)

Using story-telling techniques, anecdotes, before and after scenarios, your Case Study is now an interesting read, a little like one of those handouts at the DIY store that tells you step-by-step how to fix a problem you're having, only a LOT more interesting.

This may sound over-simplified, but in truth it isn't.

The more directly you communicate with your clients and prospective clients, the easier it is for them to make a decision about working with you. An easy-to-read Case Study engages, entertains, informs, and persuades.  

Mr. Anderson is still feeling pain.


Your Case Study shows Mr. Anderson  that you have a solution...


Except that the Case Study withholds just enough vital information that Mr. Anderson has to get on the phone and call you. He still has his big problem, but he knows that you have the answer.

He wants out of pain. Now! (You can just feel the rising drama, can't you?)

He calls you to fix his problem. 

You fix his problem and charge him an appropriate fee for your products and services.

You both live happily ever after.


And that is what a Case Study does for your business.


The End