2015 is Slipping Away . . . Getting Ready for 2016

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2015 is Slipping Away . . . Getting Ready for 2016

I just checked the calendar and noticed that it is a mere ten days until Christmas.

And a week after that is New Year’s Eve . . . that time of year to begin making resolutions and goals for 2016.

Fortunately for me, I had an early nudge from my instructor, Kristen Fulton of Nonfiction Archaeology, who asked each of her students to set up goals for 2016.

Here are the goals I sent to her and were subsequently posted on Facebook:


Hello, Fellow Writers!

Here are my goals for the 12 Days of Nonfiction and for my year of writing in 2016. I’ve been writing for 17 years, and early on in my writing career, I learned that if I didn’t set up goals, I wouldn’t surpass what I had done the previous year. Don’t get me wrong, every time I sold an article, got hired to write a class for an online school, or signed a ghostwriting contract, I was thrilled!

But, if I didn’t hold myself accountable, then I didn’t stretch my comfort zone. I learned somewhere along the way goals that aren’t written down are not much more than dreams.

Goals, when written down, are something I can achieve!

I began to do the January 1 New Year’s Resolutions, and that certainly changed what happened for me. It might have been to get published in a small local paper, a regional magazine, or a national magazine. It might have been to take a class on social media or website development. Whatever it was, I discovered that by writing it down and looking for a way to make it happen, then it DID happen!

But, when Kristen mentioned the 12 Days of Nonfiction in DECEMBER, I realized that this idea was even better! Because it means I can spend the month of December getting ready for 2016, not working all of January and losing out on a whole month.

What are my goals for 2016?

Here are 12 achievable goals for me this coming year:

  • Attend WOW 2016 Retreat
  • Attend on3 writing conference specific to a writing style I plan to focus on in 2016
  • Take three on-line classes on various topics such as “Writing Nonfiction,” “Poetry,” and “Understanding Scene and Sequel.”
  • Write one PB manuscript each month in 2016 (which means I have all my ideas ready before January!)
  • Submit at least one manuscript per month to a magazine or publisher.
  • Create a website for my personal writing.
  • Create a blog about my own personal writing journey.
  • Create a FB page for my personal writing.
  • Create a Twitter account for my personal writing.
  • Work faithfully with two different critique groups.
  • Support new writers in the PB writing journal.
  • Participate in 12 Days of Nonfiction in 2016 in December to get ready for 2017!


I would like to challenge everyone participating in the 12 Days of Nonfiction this December to:


It doesn’t matter how small or big they are, just be sure they are something you can do something about achieving. Don’t say, I’m going to sell 12 manuscripts. You have no control over that. But what you DO have control over is how many you write and send out. So you can set your goal as sending out 12 manuscripts.And another challenge is to network with other writers in your genre.

And another challenge is to network with other writers in your genre.

We are on our way to having 12 stories in the new year!!

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